Daqiang Boiler Enterprise Code of Conduct


Anyang Daqiang Boiler Co., Ltd., with the aim of long-term improvement of corporate brand value, is striving towards the "evolutionary development of technical services", with the aim of "reasonable coordination of heat, water and steam environment", and respect and group in all aspects. At the same time, we will build the trust of the entire society, and continue to develop the company continuously and steadily.

In addition, in the global environmental protection and social welfare activities, we will continue to focus on the public welfare activities from a global perspective.

First of all, the officers and full staff of any group must abide by laws and social norms and clarify their social responsibilities. In order to achieve this goal, we announced the company's actions as the basic guiding principle, and formulated the "Anyang Daming Boiler Co., Ltd. Action Specification" to take every step.

September 1, 2019

General Manager of Daqiang Boiler: Zhang Yongqiang

Code of Conduct

1. Obey the law

1. Comply with domestic and foreign laws and implement business honestly and fairly in accordance with corporate policies and corporate ethics.

2. Respect the culture and customs of the country and region in which the overseas countries conduct business activities.

2. Pay attention to safety

1. Safety production and product safety performance are first.

2. Strive to create a healthy, warm and optimal working environment.

3. Satisfy customers and gain trust

1. Create high-quality products and services that are useful to the society and continuously meet the needs of customers.

2. Use the technology, the most complete service, and make every effort to become a company trusted by customers.

4. Respect for human rights

1. Respect the personality and personality of the staff and strive to achieve a free and equal working environment.

2. Do not discriminate against people for unreasonable reasons such as race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, gender, and other physical disabilities.

5. Compliance with trading rules

1. Carry out various business activities under the principle of fair, equitable and free competition.

2. Establish a good relationship of trust with the trading party and strive to be the best partner.

6. Commit to environmental protection

1. Develop and provide products and services that are conducive to environmental protection, and strive to become an excellent enterprise for manufacturing low-nitrogen, energy-saving and high-efficiency products.

2. Consider the adverse effects of business activities on the environment and strive to reduce environmental degradation and environmental risks.

7. Contribute to society and not participate in anti-social activities

1. Actively carry out various social contribution activities as an excellent corporate citizen.

2. Do not participate, do not involve or contact anti-social groups and forces.

8. Publish corporate information and do a good job in information management

1. Promptly and accurately publish the corporate information needed by the society and strive to become an open enterprise.

2. Strive to protect and carefully manage personal information and other important confidential information.