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Low nitrogen free report gas steam unit performance characteristics:
1. Low NOx emissions


Low nitrogen free report gas steam unit performance characteristics:

1. Low NOx emissions

  The advanced combustion process control technology effectively suppresses NOx production during the combustion process and meets strict environmental requirements. NOx emissions <30mg>

2, free of use certificate, free of charge, annual inspection

  The volume of the body water is ≤28L. According to the regulations of the “Pot Regulations”, the boiler with a water volume of less than 30L does not need to go through the formalities of use, and there is no need for annual inspection, no operation permit.

3. Configure high efficiency condensing heat exchanger

  The high-temperature economizer and the low-temperature condenser are arranged, and the exhaust gas temperature is as low as 70 degrees. The boiler fully absorbs the latent heat value released by the condensation of water vapor in the flue gas, and the thermal efficiency reaches 98% or more.

4. Safer vertical water tube boiler structure

  The water tube boiler structure is one of the safe boiler structures. The upper tank steam storage package ensures good steam quality and higher thermal efficiency.

5, low gas pressure combustion

  Low-pressure gas supply, micro-positive pressure combustion, stable operation in the face of pressure fluctuations in the pipe network, not affected by peak gas consumption.

6. Intelligent IoT Network Remote Control System

  The boiler is fully automatic, adopts 7-inch color touch screen, and has various adjustment and protection functions. It is easy to operate without special personnel; the control system can realize group control function and remote monitoring function.

7, rapid production of steam

  The boiler body is designed with a small volume and high heat radiation. The steam production time takes only 3 minutes, and the rated steam pressure can be reached in a few minutes.

8, scale automatic monitoring and early warning

  By monitoring the exhaust temperature of the main body to determine the fouling of the pipe wall, when the boiler is slightly fouled, it will automatically alarm, and when the fouling is serious, it will be forced to stop.

Free reporting gas steam unit