Electric steam boiler manufacturers talk about the convenience of the boiler

2019-10-31  From: AnyangDaqiangBoilerCo.Ltd. Browsing times:427

An electric steam boiler is a steam boiler that uses electric energy to provide power. The field used is different for different types of boilers. This type of boiler equipment uses electric energy to provide power and reduce fuel consumption. The loss of renewable energy also has a certain protective effect on the environment. Electric steam boilers and other new boilers have been loved by many new and old customers once they appear. Let's follow the electric steam boiler manufacturers to see what the convenience of the boiler is.

Convenience: After the power supply is introduced into the electric control box, the boiler will enter the fully automatic operation state with one-button operation. The amount of water in the boiler is reduced, and the control system automatically replenishes the water from the tank to the boiler through the make-up pump.

Rationality: In order to use electric energy reasonably and effectively, the heating power is divided into several sections, and the controller automatically recycles the user to determine the heating power according to actual needs. The organic waste gas treatment only needs to close the corresponding leakage circuit breaker. The segmentation cycle of the heating pipe reduces the impact of the boiler on the grid during operation.

Reliability: The boiler body is grounded by argon arc welding, and the cover is manually welded and subjected to strict inspection by X-ray inspection. The boiler uses steel and is strictly selected according to the manufacturing standards. Boiler fittings are selected from domestic and foreign high-quality products and tested by test furnace to ensure long-term normal operation of the boiler.

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