Gas steam boiler combustion load adjustment method

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Gas-fired steam boilers are steam filters that use heat generated by gas. Small and medium-sized boilers are generally 75% to 85% of the rated load of the boiler, and large-capacity boilers are generally 80% to 90% of the rated load of the boiler.

     The combustion regulation of gas-fired steam boilers must meet two basic principles: economy to meet the principle of complete combustion of fuel, and safety to meet the principle of maintaining stable and reasonable furnace pressure.

     Gas steam boiler combustion adjustment sequence:

     1. Increase the order of boiler load increase, first increase the air volume, then increase the air supply volume, and then increase the fuel quantity.

     2, the boiler load reduction adjustment sequence, first reduce the amount of fuel, then reduce the air volume, and then reduce the air volume.

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