Safety inspection and installation of gas steam boiler

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For the calibration cycle and project regulations of the gas steam boiler safety valve, it is believed that the personnel who are not engaged in the relevant work will not know it at all. The safety valve used in the filtration should be verified at least once a year. The purpose of the test is to set the pressure, return pressure and sealing. The verification of the safety valve should normally be carried out under the operating conditions of the boiler.

    If the on-site calibration is difficult or the safety valve is repaired, it can be carried out on the safety valve calibration table. At this time, only the safety valve is adjusted for pressure adjustment and sealing test. After the safety valve is verified, the test results such as setting pressure, return pressure, and sealing performance shall be recorded in the boiler technical file.

    After the gas steam boiler safety valve has been verified, it should be locked or sealed. It is strictly forbidden to increase the safety valve setting pressure or invalidate the safety valve by means of weighting, moving the weight, and locking the valve disc. The safety valve in the operation of the boiler is strictly prohibited.

    Gas-fired steam boilers with rated evaporation greater than or equal to 2t/h shall be equipped with high and low water level alarms (high and low water level warning signals shall be able to distinguish), low water level interlock protection devices; boilers with rated evaporation greater than or equal to 6t/h It should also be equipped with an alarm and interlock protection device for steam overpressure.

    The action setting value of the overpressure interlock protection device should be lower than the lower setting pressure value of the safety valve.

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