Gas steam filtration moisture control method

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During the operation of the gas-fired steam boiler, the operator needs to pay attention to the regulation of moisture. If the water is too high, there will be many safety hazards during the operation of the furnace. Therefore, the operator must pay more attention and attention when testing the equipment at the initial stage. Introduce the way of moisture control to everyone.

Moisture control method during gas steam boiler operation:

1. It is the electromagnetic method to measure the moisture, the key is to control the heating time. In actual operation, as long as the power is adjusted, the heating time can be controlled to about 10 minutes.

2. The measurement time is less than the control time, and the result is low; greater than the control time, easy to sinter. When operating, it is better to have a slight discoloration and a slight aroma.

3. When multiple samples are simultaneously measured, the electromagnetic heating time can be extended by a few minutes, and the specific time can be determined by experiment.

4. Compared with the standard method, the electromagnetic method greatly reduces the measurement time and can meet the needs of rapid measurement in the production process. Especially after the operation conditions are determined, the method is feasible.

Through the above method, the amount of moisture in the furnace is detected, and corresponding measures are taken to cope with it, thereby avoiding safety hazards due to water imbalance.

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