Safe operation of gas steam boilers

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The role of a gas-fired steam boiler is to convert the chemical energy of the fuel into heat, which is then transferred to the water in the pot to turn the water into steam. Steam provides power and heat for industrial and agricultural production. Therefore, the application of the boiler is quite extensive and plays an important role.

     To ensure the safe operation of the boiler, the following should be noted:

     (1) Maintain normal water level water level not higher or lower than the specified water level.

     (2) It is forbidden to pay attention to the pressure change of the pot protection during overpressure operation. It is strictly forbidden that the pressure exceeds the red line of the capping pressure marked on the pressure gauge.

     (3) Always keep the safety accessories sensitive and reliable. The water level gauge must be flushed every shift. Check the pressure gauge and safety valve regularly.

     (4) Strictly follow the operating procedures.

     (5) Warm pipes must be carried out before steam supply.

     (6) Regularly carry out pot protection and sewage disposal.

     (7) Always check the operation of the boiler body and auxiliary equipment.

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