What are the characteristics of using a gas steam boiler?

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What are the benefits of using a gas-fired steam boiler? I believe many people have this problem. Clean fuel is used as a medium, so there is no soot and dust in the furnace when burning, so the service life of this type of boiler is long.

     The development of the boiler industry is moving towards energy conservation and environmental protection, and the gas boiler meets the above three requirements. Developed countries in foreign countries are generally large and use gas pot protection, and China's transformation projects are basically transformed into gas pot protection.

     To manufacture 1 ton of steam, the cost of gas boiler is 240 yuan / ton, the cost of fuel oil protection is 594 yuan / ton, the cost of liquefied gas is 465 yuan / ton, the cost of electric boiler is 700 yuan / ton, compared to oil-fired boiler In terms of electric boiler protection, gas boilers are economical in terms of fuel cost.

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